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Outstanding aerosol food grade penetrating oil and lubricant. Works quickly to dissolve rust and free-up frozen parts. Rapidly penetrates and leaves a heavy lubricant film for further lubrication and corrosion prevention. Formulated from USP Grade mineral oils and other USDA H1 rated components. Contains LE's proprietary additive, QUINPLEX®.

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Grease reduces the re-lubrication period and acts as a sealant to prevent contamination. Many OEM designs specify greases becauase they also minimize the damage from frequent starts and stops. It is very important to know the right base oil viscosity, NLGI grade and texture of the grease for any particular application.

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Browse Extreme Pressure in the Lubrication Engineers, Inc. catalog including Monolec® Gear Lubricant 703 - 704,Duolec® Industrial Gear Oil 1601-1610, 1302, 1304,Duolec® Syn Gear Lubricant 9815 - 9868,Monolec® Syn Gear Oil 9919 - 9923

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Lubrication Engineers (LE) Inc. recently introduced Almamoly HD Grease, a high-performance grease containing a special blend of solid lubricants and a calcium sulfonate thickener. Formulated to withstand elevated temperatures, heavy loads and exposure to water, Almamoly HD Grease is intended for ...

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Find High Temperature from Lubrication Engineers, Inc. Long-Lasting, Nonmelting Grease Provides Constant Protection for High-Temperature Bearing ApplicationsBearings operating in or near heat-generating equipment are subject to temperatures that cause ordinary greases to melt and run, leaving critical bearing surfaces unprotected.

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Grease is a semisolid lubricant. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil.[1] The characteristic feature of greases is that they possess a high initial viscosity, which upon the application of shear, drops to give the effect of an oil-lubricated bearing of approximately the same viscosity as the base oil ...

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LE International Ltd. has an extensive range of high-performance industrial greases. The LE grease line includes highly versatile, general purpose, heavy-duty, NSF H1 food grade, multifunctional and extreme pressure (EP) products, all of which provide superior performance versus conventional greases. LE’s greases are formulated with various thickeners and in a range of NLGI grades.

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Almaplex 1299 & 1298 (NLGI grades 2 & 1, respectively) provide 73 percent higher extreme pressure performance than competitive grease, as indicated by the results of the Four Ball EP Test. In the Water Spray-Off Test, competitive greases lost almost six times more grease. This performance offers the potential for

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At SKF, we can help you realize the true potential of lubrication. SKF lubrication solutions range from specialized lubricants to state-of-the-art lubrication systems. Integrated SKF lubrication solutions combine our expertise in bearings, seals and condition monitoring with our tribology knowledge – the study of friction, wear and lubrication.

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Grease holds solid lubricants in suspension. Finely ground solid lubricants, such as molybdenum disulfide (moly) and graphite, are mixed with grease in high-temperature service or in extreme high-pressure applications. Grease holds solids in suspension while solids will settle out of oils. Fluid level does not have to be controlled and monitored.

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High load, extreme pressure grease SKF LGEP 2 is mineral oil based, lithium soap thickened grease with extreme pressure additives. This grease provides good lubrication in general applications subjected to harsh conditions and vibrations.


Lubrication Technologies offers a wide selection of the services and products needed to implement a reliability centered maintenance program, including: training, oil and lubrication surveys, oil analysis, Lubrication Engineers (LE) oils, greases, transmission fluids and hydraulic fluids, automatic lubrication systems, single point lubricators, grease guns, grease pumps and hose reels ...

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Monolec® liquid wear-reducing additive creates a single molecular lubrication film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing film strength without affecting clearances. Duolec® dual-acting additive imparts synergistic properties to lubricants, providing both wear-reducing and extreme pressure protection.

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Find Extreme Pressure from Lubrication Engineers, Inc. Extreme Pressure Gear Lubricant Meets Demanding Requirements of Most Differentials and TransmissionsMonolec® Gear Lubricant (703-704) offers the versatility of one product that meets the demanding fleet requirements of all types of differentials (including limited More... slip) and transmissions, as well as most industrial enclosed gearboxes.

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Monolec® liquid wear-reducing additive creates a single molecular lubrication film on metal surfaces, vastly increasing film strength without affecting clearances. Duolec® dual-acting additive imparts synergistic properties to lubricants, providing both wear-reducing and extreme pressure protection.

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Find out all of the information about the Lubrication Engineers product: lubricant grease / synthetic / for gears / for chain Almasol® Syntemp® 9901. Contact a supplier or the parent company directly to get a quote or to find out a price or your closest point of sale.

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Extreme Temperature Grease Extreme-temperature bearing grease for use at high loads and temperatures. ... Extreme pressure grease for accidental contact with foodstuffs. Approved by NSF on the requirements of the FDA, in category H1; registration 147547. ... Lubrication Engineers. multipurpose grease / molybdenum bisulphate / lithium / for ...

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Versatile Grease with Calcium Sulfonate Complex Thickener Protects Equipment from Heat, Moisture & Heavy LoadsLubrication Engineers, Inc. formulated Monocal® GP Grease for use in environments with challenging conditions such as high temperatures, heavy loads More...

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Almaplex® Industrial Grease 1274-1275. Versatile Wear-Reducing Grease Protects Equipment from Moisture & Heat; A general purpose extreme pressure grease for heavy industrial use, Almaplex® Industrial Lubricant is extremely versatile, minimizing inventory requirements and misapplication because it works in many different applications.

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Chapter 8 BOUNDARY AND EXTREME PRESSURE LUBRICATION 461 These deposited films of solid powder or amorphous material on metallic surfaces would not suffer from the drawback of desorption at a limiting temperature or viscosity loss with increasing temperature as adsorbed films do.

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Lubrication Engineers - Specialty High Performance Lubricants for problem solving applications: High temperature / Extreme pressure / Water Proof Grease & Oil / Corrosion & Chemical Resistant / Food Grade Mining, Drilling, Industrial, Food, Waste Water, Power, Transport Onsite technical advice