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Gun Grease, Gun Oil, and Gun Lube Explained - Gunivo

The upside of grease is its resistance to extreme conditions; but nowadays, most people stick with gun oils for their average needs. Shooters who expect to be in harsher environments should treat their gun with grease, but for the most part, investing in a good brand of oil (Hoppe’s No. 9, M-Pro 7, or Ballistol) should be more than enough. Be ...

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The M1911.ORG Forums Site, a discussion board for all you ever wanted to know about the M1911 (1911, 1911A1, M-1911) pistol, designed by the most ingenious gunsmith of all times, John Moses Browning.

Ballistol: The One-Stop, Non-Toxic German Wonder Fluid .

Ballistol: The One-Stop, Non-Toxic German Wonder Fluid? This is a discussion on Ballistol: The One-Stop, Non-Toxic German Wonder Fluid? within the Maintenance forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Folks mention Ballistol here sometimes, but I don't think it has its own dedicated thread . . . So here goes: I don't know just ...

Cleaning an accurized 1911 - bullseyeforum.n

That's the final step whenever I'm cleaning a gun. I've got lots of oils, not sure which is "best". I agree with Jim. I like the idea of having a small metal tube, so you can get oil exactly where you want. I did buy some Wilson grease for slides. I've always wondered if plain oil is better for what we do, with light loads and light springs.

Gun Oil Vs Grease - 1911For

Gun Oil Vs Grease Gunsmithing & Troubleshooting. I gave up on grease a while ago. It i sjust too thick and causes issues on the range in cold weather.

Gun Oil vs Gun Grease : ar15 - reddit.c

Gun Oil vs Gun Grease . submitted 9 months ago by LegendaryRp. I know this topic has been run over a thousand times but everyone and every product seems to be different, from gun oils like mpro7 lube to gun grease like mil comm tw25b. And then you have people who say to use Just lithium based hi temp grease like red n tacky.

5 Best Gun Oils [WITH PROS AND CONS]. - USHuntersHQ.c

I reviewed the five best gun oil and lubes, giving you the pros and cons of each so you can decide for yourself which gun oil or lube fits best with your firearm needs. Read on to find out more about what it takes to keep your gun in good working order for years to come.

Top 7 Best Gun Grease Reviews 2019: Updated list including .

3 Things to consider before buying the best gun lubricants. 3.1 Gun grease vs Gun oil- Which is The Better Lubricator? 4 Final Verdict; In this best gun grease reviews, we discussed our practical experience, considered customer reviews, feedback and as well as the expert opinion to final the best gun lubricants for you.

1911 grease or oil? | Nevada Shoote

What do you all prefer? I used to use Wilson Combat grease and use Mil-Comm TW25 or Slide Glide on my Sigs. Glocks and M&Ps I use mud If you use oil what type besides motor oil. I draw the line there. Don't tell me 1911s all have their own personalities and I have to find out what she likes.....

The down side of Frog Lube? | Page 2 | The Leading Glock .

The hell with all these over priced gun lubes. It's all snake oil doing it's best to part you from your money. I use M1 0W-20 and there grease on everything I shoot. Lube is not a issue here at the shack. Click to expand... I was very skeptical of the stuff but after literally hundreds of requests ...

Best, non-stinky gun oil - 24hourcampfi

Best, non-stinky gun oil. Posted By: Nessmuk Best, non-stinky gun oil - 05/07/10. Name a best oil for the outside of a firearm to prevent rust. I'd prefer non stinky ones as most all of my work is for hunters. Anyone using mobil-1? What do you like on the insides? I've been a fan of break-free, but it reeks, ATF works, but not odorless.

25 Best Shooting images in 2019 | Guns, Pistols, Blue prin

25 Best Shooting images in 2019 | Guns, Pistols, Blue prints

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WILSON COMBAT 5772 ultima-lube II oil 2 oz Crafted from the highest quality material to ensure quality and durability Product details Product Wilson Combat Ultima-Lube II Grease 2 oz Bottle 579-2 4 4 out of 5 stars 24 14 38 Wilson Combat 5792 Gun Stock Accessories 5 0 out of 5 stars 3

Difference Between Gun Oil & Machine Oil | Gone Outdoors .

Gun Oil. Gun oil is a specially formulated type of penetrating oil and contains additives designed for use with rifles and pistols. According to United States Patent 7432231, basic gun oil is composed essentially of the ingredients isopropanol, petroleum distillate or heptane, viscosity modifiers, antioxidants and reducing agents.

Gun Review: Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS 1911 - The .

I’ve heard good things about RIA’s 1911s, but I’ve never shot one. Dan was kind enough to send me his personal Rock Island Armory GI Standard FS .45ACP, a three-year-old gun with about 500 rounds through it.At first look, well, I was underwhelmed.

Gun oil vs Motor oil | The Firearms Forum - The Buying .

Gun oil vs Motor oil Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KevHernandez, Apr 2, 2015. Page 1 of 2 1 2 ... If you think gun oil is better - I want to hear from you too, and give your reasons why! This is purely for informative purposes, for a fun healthy debate. ... oilite bushings can be grease or oil loaded. The list goes on. As for ...

FP-10 or Militec-1? - Pistolsmi

In reality, a superior lube is obtained mixing either FP-10or militec liquid and just about any good gun grease like Enos Slide Glide, Tetra Gun Grease, Wilson Ultma lube, Brownells action lube, RIG. The grease is there to keep the oil in place and provide rust protection. For the record: all that "matal surface bonding" baloney doesn't impress me.

Grease vs. Lubricating Oil - Tetraguncare.c

Tetra ® Gun Grease is a synthetic fluoropolymer formula that performs much better than petroleum-based grease, as the particle size is so small that it bonds to metals on a molecular level, and handles the pressure and load bearing that occurs when metal gun parts slide or bang into one another. ... Grease vs. Lubricating Oil. Posted by ...

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motor oil? - AR15.C

Much better. 60-70 rounds on several range trips and it hasn't hiccuped yet. I clean and re-oil between trips. This is my only test and the reason I use motor oil. I am going to try some TCW-3 two stroke oil too. It stays on really well in a preliminary test I did with 2000, motor oil, and this two stroke oil.

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Lock back issues can be due to a variety of reasons. I have listed a few for you to check*: Be sure the inside of the magazines are thoroughly cleaned of any grease or lubricant. Be sure the gun has been cleaned and has plenty of lubrication on the slide/frame rails, outside of barrel and the hammer/spring assy.