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Tom Butcher wrote:Ah - not sure if I'm glad I read this - I just bought some grease yesterday to service my hubs - Finish Line teflon.It does say on the tube that it is meant for headsets, hubs etc so I may risk it. LIthium grease - personally I wouldn't use this stuff - in my experience it dries out - in fact the guy in the shop (Samways) agreed that of the two options they sold he'd take the ...

Subaru Repair Seattle: Wheel Bearings Explained Part 1 .

The grease that is shipped with the Updated Bearing manufactured from NTN should be cleaned out and a high temperature wheel bearing grease should be used instead to achieve the long lasting repair we all want, instead the guys at the Dealer take every short cut they can and then say silly stuff to protect those actions. Justin

Marine grease that's "lithium based" vs (White?) Lithium .

Ive always just used wheel bearing grease, and have never had an issue. Now for my Chris King hubs, I do have their grease as it is super thin, and is about the only thing that works fairly well in their hubs. ... Bob is the Oil Guy - Bob is the Oil Guy The MSDS of the product you're thinking of using will tell you what the makeup is, by ...

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8. Installing a caliper upside down: Nothing is worse than going to bleed a new set of calipers on a vehicle, only to find the bleeders are on the bottom of the caliper and not the top. The bleeder needs to be at the top of the caliper to remove all the air. Always check the box to make sure you have a left and a right before you start the job.

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A strut is a part of the front and rear-end assemblies. It is a structural part of the suspension. The strut combines the function of a shock absorber and a coil to dampen bumps in the road. If the car is bouncing as you drive, this is a sign of a failed strut which should be replaced. If you hear annoying squeaks ...

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Wheel bearing grease is high speed grease vs chassis grease which is not. But many of today's excellent greases are both. I would get the best grease Valvoline sells locally. I am not sure I buy the Redline and higher service life story. I think keeping dirt and water out of bearings is the key rather than grease quality. ... BOB IS THE OIL GUY ...

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Technical Steering Gear Lube Pourable 00 Grease 600W Oil. ... I do not recommend adding wheel bearing grease if any 600 wt oil is still in the steering box,pr any other oil for that matter. ... More googling found some at Tractor Supply, five bucks a quart. I bought the one quart they stock, and the guy said he'd order me a couple more quarts ...

Marine grease that's "lithium based" vs (White?) Lithium .

Ive always just used wheel bearing grease, and have never had an issue. Now for my Chris King hubs, I do have their grease as it is super thin, and is about the only thing that works fairly well in their hubs. ... Check this link --> Functions of Grease - Bob is the Oil Guy - Bob is the Oil Guy The MSDS of the product you're thinking of using ...

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Like you i do a lot of long distance tows and a few years ago i switched from a "marine" wheel bearing grease to Lucas oil Red and tacky #2. The things i like about the lucas stuff is it wont fling out if you throw a cap. The hubs also seem to run significantly cooler than they did when i ran "marine " greasze.

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Canadian tire weekly flyer jun 20 27 redflagdeals lucas oil 10320 marine grease lubrimatic marine trailer wheel bearing grease 16 oz can tools l11404 bicycle bearing greases explained super perantBlaster 14 Oz Waterproof Marine Grease Cartidge Gr 14c Wp TheLucas Oil 14 5 Oz Marine Grease 10320 TheThe Best Wheel Bearing Grease Review In 2019…

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With the grease in my 07 Uly wheel bearings an unknown, I flushed out the old with WD40 and blew out the rest with an air hose. Then finished with mineral spirits streamed in with an old oil can and let dry. Once the old grease is out you can apply whatever quality wheel bearing grease you choose. Of course that opens up a "what's the best grease?"

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Lippert has a procedure for lubricating the SuperLube Hub that as Bob has noted will require rotating the wheel while applying grease to the fitting. My comment here is to make it known that the new grease will travel through the spindle and exit between the inner bearing and grease seal.

Trailer: Wheel Bearing Maintenance - Moderated Discussion .

A local trailer rental and repair shop has consistently told me that the most common problem they see with boat trailers is blown rear seals from the owner having forced too much grease into the bearings via the Bearing Buddy grease fitting. If the wheel has a drum brake it is common that the brake linings become contaminated with grease.

Harley Davidson Softail How to Replace Wheel Bearings .

Harley Davidson Softail: How to Replace Wheel Bearings. Many owners omit a bearing inspection with their regular maintenance items. Don't be that guy. Inspecting and replacing your wheel bearings is too simple of a job for you to disregard them.

How to Determine Replacement Trailer Wheel Bearing Sizes .

Trailer wheel bearings are specific to the spindle that is installed on the axle that is on your trailer. You will need to safely support the trailer, remove the wheel and tire, remove the grease cap, remove the cotter pin and washer that secures the spindle nut, remove the spindle nut, and then you will be able to remove the hub from your trailer.

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I've always been an oil guy but I think I need to start greasing my choke tube threads. What is the best grease for this application? ... I'm using wheel bearing grease. I used lighter stuff in the past and the tube would work loose after 15 or 20 shots - hasn't happened since I switched to synthetic bearing grease. ... hasn't happened since I ...

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Harley-Davidson® Wheel Bearings Replacement. ... Now we do not have to pack grease into the bearings like before and this saves us a maintenance step. Here’s the rub, the axle can start to seize to the bearings or the bearing can start to seize to the hub. Bob shows us the not so easy job of replacing sealed wheel bearings.

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I recently ran across a article or something that stated in Nascar and Pro Stock, etc. they run gear oil in place of wheel bearing grease. There is a special seal that is needed. But that is all. I will try to find the info and post it. --Matt

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Re: Wheel bearing grease on inside of rim (follow up) The system rwidman talks about is certainly superior to Bearing Buddies, but if your trailer doesn't have it when new, you have to replace the axle or at least the spindles to put it on. Dexter axles is big on this system, as are a few others.